Welcome to Dive Narvik

Our captain Erik, who owns and run Dive Narvik, works hard to ensure that you have a good time on your diving trip. It should be practical, simple, comfortable and pleasant to get on board M/S Galten .


Bygget på vraket M/S Stråssa - Narvik
Dykare tittar på Ratten på vraket Odin i Narvik.
reservpropellern på vraket av Martha Heinrich Fisser - Narvik
Kanonerna på vraket Orp Grom - Narvik
Dykare vraket efterErich Gieses propeller.
z12 Erich Giese propellrar vrak - Divenarvik - Bästa dykningen i Narvik
Dykare kollar på kulsprutan på vraket Odin i Narvik
Stråssas bygge - Divenarvik. Vrakdykning Narvik.
Vraket efter Odin har en fantastisk ratt. Divenarvik - vrakdykning i världsklass
Marta Heinrich Fisser
Orp Grom
Giese 2
Erich Giese - Vrakbild
Odins kulspruta
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Comfortable wreck diving in Narvik.

The fantastic dives on Narvik’s undisputed treasure of world-class wrecks are bordered by an experience out of the ordinary. Comfortable beds, pleasant company and the completely optimized logistics on the dive boat mean that you will enjoy yourself. Our dive deck, which is built inside the boat, makes the logistics between dives minimal. Filling takes place directly at your place, the drying cabinets ensure that you are warm and dry. Because you change indoors, the weather is never a problem and the experience of being in diving paradise is always present.

MS Galten at the dock in the center of Narvik
Loading gear is easy at the dock in Narvik. M/S Galten is docked in central Narvik.

We help you with the practical, renting bottles, filling or why not a trip out of season or to one of our secret wrecks. Most things can be solved on request.

Our motto is simplicity and comfortability so you can check availability and book in our calendar in the link below. Payment is easily managed with credit card directly in booking or via payment link in e-mail.

Availability and booking.

When wreck diving is at its best, you sit on the sun deck of the M/S Galten with the Norwegian fjord as a backdrop. It’s absolutely magical. Welcome to us at Dive Narvik!