Deep harbor tour – Wreck diving in Narvik, max 70m.

The Wreck of Erich Giese, Narvik, Norway. 3 divers looking at the propellers.
The Screws of Erich Giese is a mighty sight. Photocred: P-A Andresson.

Tecnical wreck diving in Narvik, max 70 m.

This is our diving package for technical divers, the maximum depth will be 70 meters, wreck diving in Narvik, for technical divers.


Arrival in Narvik and boarding MS Galten.
Monday Friday:
We will dive on destroyers and cargo ships from the Second World War, the maximum depth will be 70 meters. 2 dives a day.
Loading off MS Galten and journey home from Narvik begins.

These wrecks we dive normally focus on this trip:

• Z2 Georg Thiele
Z12 Erich Giese
• Z19 Herman kunne
S/S Odin

Divers check the machine gun on the Odin wreck in Narvik
The guns of Odin is a magnificent sight, image from 2022 by Simon Kenttä, @Diving_dr

These wrecks are also available to dive during this trip:

• Z17 Dieter von Roeder
• Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp
• Z22 Anton schmidt
• M/S Neuenfels
M/S Stråssa
S/S Martha Henrik Fisser
• S/S Romanby
• P/S Norway

There is no set order how we dive the wrecks, it depends on the weather and
water current, the tide is up to 3 meters, so it has to be timed with the tide to reduce the disturbance from the current. PS Norway, Erich Giese and Odin also need approval from the port office to dive due to cargo ship traffic in the vicinity of the wrecks. But look forward to a wonderful week of technical wreck diving.

Our captain Erik is himself a passionate technical CCR diver and knows everything about the wrecks and the conditions at the dive sites. He can make briefings around the dive sites.

Costs – Wreck diving max 70 metres:

Diving and accommodation: SEK 10,500 *

Food: SEK 1,500 (Swedish home cooking cooked on the boat: breakfast, lunch and dinner, 17 portions)*

*20% of total booking fee needs to be paid on booking or within 14 days. The remaining amount is paid no later than 30 days before the trip starts. Payment is done by credit card via PayPal directly at checkout or via payment link in e-mail.

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What is included in the diving package:
Diving related: 

Free access to Air & Nitrox.
Lead is available to borrow.


Accommodation on MS Galten,
Towels and bed linen.


We help with transport from/to the railway station or bus station in Narvik. If you are coming to Narvik by plane, there is an airport bus from the airport to the bus station.

Equipment to rent and Gas & Trimix:

See our page on rental equipment .


Of course, we have the warehouse full of Helium and Oxygen as well as Trimix on bank adapted for the week. We have reasonable prices for all gas.

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