Orp Grom – wreck Narvik

ORP Grom was a Polish destroyer that fought on the side of Great Britain during World War II. The ship served in several significant naval battles and played an important role in the fight against Nazi Germany.

ORP Grom was built in Great Britain and launched in 1936. The vessel was 114 meters long, had a top speed of 36 knots and could be manned by up to 175 sailors. Its armament consisted of six 4.7-inch guns, six 40 mm anti-aircraft guns, six 20 mm anti-aircraft guns and six torpedo tubes.

The cannons on the wreck Orp Grom - Narvik

After Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939, ORP Grom escaped to Great Britain, where it was commissioned by the Royal Navy and fitted with more modern weapons and sensors. During World War II, ORP Grom participated in several important battles, including convoy protection, operations against German battleships, and air raids on German ports.

Unfortunately, ORP Grom suffered a tragic fate when it was sunk by a German submarine during an operation off the Norwegian coast in May 1940. Of the crew of 316, only 84 survived. ORP Grom’s heroic efforts and tragic loss will always be remembered as an important contribution to the allied struggle against Nazi Germany.

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