Booking rules

These are our rules regarding booking a trip

When you have paid the registration fee, you accept these conditions below.

Registration fee of 20% of total booking value must be available no later than 14 days after confirmation of travel booking. The trip is then reserved during this time until the registration fee is paid. Payment is made by card via PayPal at checkout or via payment link in e-mail.

If payment is not provided to Divenarvik within this time, the reservation is canceled and you may be sold to someone else. The registration fee is non-refundable, but it is possible to transfer the place to someone else (read below).
Upon request, a copy of the payment must be sent via e-mail or post to us Divenarvik AB.

Final payment for the trip must be received by the organizer no later than 30 days before the departure date, unless otherwise specifically stated.
Completed payment must be able to be proven.
Do not have full payment for the trip received no later than 30 days before on the day of departure, Divenarvik has the right to regard the travel agreement as canceled and credit the registration fee.
Divenarvik reserves the right to fill his place on the trip.
When ordering travel within 30 days before the departure date, the total price for the trip must be paid immediately.

1. Amendment of the Agreement
Price changes:
If cost increases occur for the organizer after the agreement as above has become binding for the parties, the organizer may increase the price for the trip by an amount corresponding to
the cost increases if these are due to:
− changes in transport costs, including fuel prices,
− changes in taxes, duties and fees or charges
for certain services, such as airport, port, landing and take-off charges,
− changes in exchange rates, which are used in the calculation
of the price of the trip.

2. Transfer of travel
The customer has the right to entrust the journey to another
person. The customer and the person to whom the trip is entrusted are jointly and severally liable for the remaining amount
pay for the trip.

3. Termination of the agreement
The traveler’s cancellation of the trip –
general provisions:

The traveler’s cancellation of the trip must take place in the manner specified in the agreement. Unless otherwise stated, the termination must be in writing.

The traveler has the right to cancel the trip. In the event of the traveler’s cancellation, the organizer is entitled to compensation for the costs incurred by the organizer
consequence of the cancellation.
The organizer can specify reasonable standardized cancellation fees in its supplementary terms and conditions
basis of the time of cancellation.
If there are no standard cancellation fees, the traveler is entitled to a refund of the price of the package tour less such costs as the organizer
will pay.

In case of cancellation, the traveler must pay the registration fee.
In case of cancellation later than 90 days, but earlier than 30 days before departure, the traveler must pay 60% of the price of the trip and any additional costs.
In case of cancellation 30 days or later before departure, the traveler must pay the full price of the trip. If illness is behind the cancellation, a medical certificate is required.