Odin – Wreck Narvik

Odin was a Norwegian destroyer of the Sleipner class, built at the Horten shipyard in Norway during the 1930s. The ship was 98 meters long and had a width of 9.4 meters. Its standard displacement was 1,240 tons and its maximum speed was 36 knots.

Divers check the machine gun on the Odin wreck in Narvik
The wreck of the Norwegian Odin had powerful machine guns. Diving in Narvik with Divenarvik. Photo credit: Simon Kenttä @Diving_Dr

During World War II, Odin took part in the Battle of Narvik in April 1940, where it was part of the Norwegian fleet trying to stop German forces from capturing the city of Narvik and its important port. Odin led a group of Norwegian destroyers trying to prevent German warships from entering Narvik harbour.

On 9 April 1940 Odin was hit by German shells and sunk off Narvik. Only 4 of the crew survived the disaster. Today, the wreck of the Odin lies on the seabed off Narvik and forms a historical monument to the Second World War.