Z12 Erich Giese – Wreck

The German destroyer Erich Giese was part of the German armed forces during World War II and was named after the German naval officer Erich Giese. The vessel was originally built as a “Type 1934A” destroyer and launched in 1939. With a length of 119 meters and a maximum speed of 36 knots, the Erich Giese was a powerful and fast vessel.

Divers wreck after Erich Giese's propeller.

The destroyer took part in several battles during World War II, including the invasion of Norway in April 1940. Erich Giese was finally sunk by British and Norwegian troops on 9 April off Narvik after being attacked. Only a handful of crew members survived.

Erich Giese’s history and technical specifications are still of interest to history buffs and military historians as well as to us divers who get the opportunity to see her in all her glory.

z12 Erich Giese propels wrecks - Divenarvik - Best diving in Narvik
z12 Erich Giese’s propellers. Diver shines on the propeller. Photo credit: Simon Kenttä @Diving_dr

Technical specifications of the Z12 Erich Giese:

  • Length: 119 meters
  • Width: 11.3 meters
  • Max speed: 36 knots
  • Armament: 5 x 12.7 cm guns, 2 x 3.7 cm anti-aircraft guns, 6 x 2 cm anti-aircraft guns, 8 x 53.3 cm torpedo tubes
  • Crew: up to 321 people

Erich Giese’s wreck is a popular diving destination here at Divenarvik.