M/S Galten – The dive boat!

MS Galten In Narvik
MS Galten Shelter deck full of diving gear for wreck diving in Narvik
Hytterna på MS Galten.
Erik on deck on MS Galten
Captain Erik on MS Galten setting up for Diving
MS Galten Hytter
Dive deck on MS Galten, stage bottles lined up.
Prepping dive teams.
Loading dive gear on MS Galten Narvik
Dykbåten MS Galten, ligger på boj i Narvik.
Galten i Narvik - Göran-1920
Galten on dive site Narvik.
Prepping wreck diving in Narvik on MS Galten.
MS Galten - Comfortable diving in Narvik.
Wreck diving in Narvik on MS Galten
Dive gear loaded from dock in Narvik
Galten i Narvik.
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Year of construction: 1960
23.96 meters long
6.4 meters wide
Speed: 9 knots
Construction method: Oak and Aluminum
Compressor: Bauer 190liter/min + 250liter/min inline nitrox (trimix in progress)
Gas filling: Bank bottles 32% Nitrox, Bank bottles Trimix (adjusted according to turn),
Booster NRC 300/2 Oxygen compatible.
Berths: Total 12 (1 cabin 4 beds, 4 cabin 2 beds) Quality beds from Carpe diem

Live aboard on MS Galten

Staying on Galten should be pleasant and uncomplicated, which is why we work hard to make your trip as comfortable as it can be.
Hytterna på MS Galten.

The cabins are simple but fixed up nicely, with new paint and comfortable beds from luxury brand Carpe Diem, so that good sleep is arranged. Furthermore, there is bed linen and a towel on each bed when you sign on.

Hytt på MS Galten 2023
Cabin on MS Galten.

lights tends for good lighting under deck. Most cabins are 2 beds, but we also have a 3 bed cabin in the bow section and a 4 bed cabin in the Stern beneath the gallery.

Dive deck on MS Galten, Narvik.
On board the MS Galten you have a pleasant trip. Photo credit: Henrik Askling

Equipment: Complete kitchen with 3 refrigerators, 1 freezer and dishwasher, TV, 220v 24 hours a day, shower, toilet (same as you have at home), drying cabinet and sauna for 6 people.

Divers eating lunch in Gallery of MS Galten, Narvik.
Lunch on MS Galten in the gallery. Photo credit: Henrik Askling

A very hospitable dive boat that was built by the Swedish defense to be out at sea with fourteen people for a week. 

Diving on MS Galten

Schelter deck on MS Galten
The shelterdeck on MS Galten makes prepping for dives super easy.

The diving section below the shelter deck is built so that each diver has his own place for diving equipment and charging batteries. It’s indoors with heat and music, when you’re changed and ready you can jump in the water!!

MS Galten at the dock in the center of Narvik
Loading gear is easy at the dock in Narvik. M/S Galten is docked in central Narvik. Photo credit: Anders Törnquist

Morning on dive boat M/S Galten.
Waking up at MS Galten is comfortable year round.