Marta Heinrich Fisser – Wreck Narvik


Martha Heinrich Fisser was a German steamer and was built in 1911 in Germany. During the Battle of Narvik, she was at anchor in the harbor and was hit by a torpedo on 10 April.

the spare propeller on the wreck of Martha Heinrich Fisser - Narvik
Divers study the spare propeller on the wreck of Marta Henrich Fisser – Narvik. Photo credit: Simon Kenttä @Diving_Dr

The diving

Martha lies at a depth of 28 meters right next to Stråssa. A line has been drawn between the sterns of Stråssa and Martha, and to get to the wreck you have to go down to Stråssa and then swim almost all the way to the stern of Stråssa. There the line goes over to Martha, a swim of about 20-25 meters. In the same way as on all cargo ships in the port of Narvik, the superstructures have been removed here too, but there is still plenty to see.

In the stern you can see the large four-bladed spare propeller, where it is bolted to the wrecked deck. The engine room is the jewel of the wreck with the large steam engine for the trained penetrators.

Important to remember on this dive is to keep track of time and above all the gas supply in your bottle, as the return swim is the same way you came there. Martha has no wreck buoy, as she is too close to the trail where the big modern ore ships come in and turn.

Like Stråssa, it is overgrown with plants and the animal life is rich.


Built in 1911 in Germany.

  • Length: 118.2 meters
  • Width: 15.9 meters
  • Depth: 28 meters