Wrecks in Narvik

Narvik was the site of several significant naval battles during the Second World War. As a result of these battles, there are several ship wrecks lying on the seabed in the area. On this page and subpages you can find information about the wrecks in Narvik. 

Some of the most famous wrecks in Narvik are the German destroyers sunk during the Battle of Narvik in 1940. Several of these destroyers remain on the seabed today, and have become popular diving destinations for divers. Among these are Marta Heinrich Fisser , Odin , Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp, ​​Z22 Anton, Z9 Wolfgang Zenker, Z11 Bernd von Arnim, Orp Grom and Z12 Erich Giese. Narvik is great for recreational and technical wreck diving.

z12 Erich Giese propels wrecks - Divenarvik - Best diving in Narvik

In addition to these wrecks, there are also several other ships that have sunk in the area during World War II and can be found on the seabed. These wrecks include the M/S Stråssa, M/S Neuenfels, HMS Hunter, a British destroyer sunk during the Battle of Narvik, and the Norwegian ship D/S Neiden, which sank after being attacked by German submarines.

Divers check the machine gun on the Odin wreck in Narvik

Wreck diving in Narvik is well known as being great for wreck divers  It is worth knowing that wrecks in Narvik are protected by laws and regulations, and permits are required to dive on several of them. Dive Narvik is your best option for live aboard diving in Narvik.